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The most important step in landscape management and risk analysis of trees is tree removal. It is important to let other trees grow by selective stripping of trees from a crowded landscape. Owners must regularly conduct safety checks to ensure that dead, defective and dying trees are removed. This will ensure that people and property are protected and young trees are replanted to ensure a positive and vibrant contribution to landscape. Removing trees that show decay, structural decline or storm damage will help preserve the landscape and prevent safety hazards. Dale’s Professional Tree services can identifying potential hazards by conducting proactive risk analysis. Stump removal is an integral part of tree removal because stumps left behind will decay and become a breeding ground for microbes. We have specialised and state-of-the-art machines that convert stump into mulch that you can replant or re-turf. Stump grinding converts stump into mulch that can fill the empty space left by the tree that was removed. Stump removal is an intricate process of extraction that removes the stump and roots from the ground, thus playing down the possibility of regrowth especially in a scenario when the tree’s roots are decaying and diseased.

The high powered machines that we use come in all sizes and are mobile which can reach the remote areas of your property. Stump grinding is an adjustable process and can be ground down to 2 inches underground and upto 12 inches. It is a fast, cost-effective and sustainable solution. This process involves removing the tree stump that is standing above the ground and is detached from the underground roots. The roots present in your garden will naturally decay over time, and care must be taken to assure that when you do extensive landscaping this aspect is taken into consideration. Tree grinding uses machinery that will convert tree stump into wood chips and reduce the need for laborious efforts. The wood chips thus produced can act as mulch for your garden to act as fodder for growth for the vegetation on the landscape. We will also assist you in the documentation that you require from the authorities before you begin the process of tree and stump removal.

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