Tree Lopping

At Daryl’s Professional Tree services we are committed to delivering sustainable tree solutions. As professional tree experts we are equipped with latest machinery and tree knowledge to maintain the health and life of your trees. We are armed with the knowledge about each and every tree species that is found in Melbourne. We complete all our services with integrity and safety and make sure that the ecosystem and the people living in the area are taken care of. Tree lopping is a complicated and dangerous procedure and should be performed by certified and trained arborists. We take a decision about tree removal only after completing a hazardous tree assessment. Tree removal is important if the tree’s structural integrity has been compromised because of unfavourable weather conditions like storms or decay.

Tree lopping is the procedure of trimming different sections of a tree including cutting of branches and retrenchment of trunks. To reduce the size and spread of a tree or to remove dead wood tree lopping can be carried out on trees before felling and removal to minimise the damage done to surrounding structures. You must consider tree lopping if you are a home or business owner. Tree lopping is carried out to:

  • Remove dead branches and wood pieces
  • Reduce the height of a tree
  • Lessen and thin out the spread of a tree
  • Prepare a tree for extraction
  • Removal of branches that are close to hazards

It is important to engage professional tree loppers since this process is hazardous and technical. Tree lopping involves the removal of tree limbs that are heavy and dangerous. Professional tree loppers have the knowledge of which trees should be cut and how it can be done in the best possible way. The cost of lopping depends on the type of foliage services that you are seeking and the time required to get the job done. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing competent and reliable tree lopping and removal services.

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